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Home to “The Land of Make Believe Map” by Jaro Hess as well as other Fine Art.

The Illustrations History

The Artist, “Jaro Hess”

“The Land of Make Believe Map” was created by artist Jaro Hess in the 1920’s. Since it’s creation the image has been released as poster quality reprints.

There have been a handful of editions printed over the years. One constant, has been the images ability to enchant and comfort children as well as adults. Hess, created this compilation of over fifty known fairytale and bed time characters during the early 1920’s.

Jaro Hess was perhaps the most original artist of fantasy working in Grand Rapids from the 1930s through the 1960’s. His art was a rarity, created solely out of this imagination.  Unlike the derivative paintings of Orville Bulman, with their obvious debt to Henri Rousseau, Hess’s art as a unique product of his imagination, seemingly influenced by other sources.

Yet Bulman, with his high society connections and inherited wealth, achieved fame among his Palm Beach patrons. while Jaro Hess’s art languished unappreciated and not purchased.

Indeed, after Hess died in 1977, much of his art was allegedly discovered abandoned in his dilapidated farmhouse on Leonard Road.
Armand Merizon, who met during the Depression, said of him, “Jaro has lived what I would call a truly free life.

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“The Land of Make Believe Map”

Desert Landscape

Expansive desert landscapes captured with artistic intimacy, and, sensitive observations of the deserts flora.

Images of Maine

Arizona and Maine photographer and artist Allan Rosen-Ducat presents his would from his time spent in southern and Downest Maine.

Mashuga Moose®

There are some crazy moose out there in the forest. , especially during hunting season.


Allan has a rare gift for making his clients feel comfortable in front of the camera.  Offering portraiture for individuals families and groups.

The story characters included in, “The Land of Make Beleive Map.”

Bo-peep’s Sheep
The Mysterious Island
West Of The Moon East Of Sun
The Old Witch
The Dilatory Ships That Never Come In
The Old Fisherman That Caught The Golden Fish
Mary And Her Little Lamb
The Talking Bird
Bleu Beard’s Castle
The City Of Brass
Magic Carpet
The Glass Mountain

Here The North Winds Live
The Cow That Jumped Over The Moon
The Wonderful Moo Moo Bird
The Emerald City Of Oz
The House That Jack Built
Humpty Dumpty
The Enchanted Woods
The City Of Many Towers
The Castle Of Sleeping Beauty
The High Tower Where The Little Lame Prince Was Locked

Bottomless Lake
Long Broad And Swift Glance
Hansel And Gretel
Old King Cole
Peter Rabbit
Water Babies
Crooked Man
Old Mother Hubbard
Black Hen

Peculiar Fishes
Goldilocks And The Three Bears
The Old Woman Who Lives In A Shoe
Tom Tom The Pipers Son
Little Miss Muffet
Red Riding Hood
Jack Sprat
Simple Simon
Little Boy Blue
Rip Van Winkle,
Jack And The Bean Stalk
Jack And Jill

             "The Land of Make Believe Map"is available framed up to the image size of 20 X 30 inches.  
              The image below is shown framed with a cover mat with a slight space between the image 
              and the mat. This is the largest [Framed]printaable to be shipped within the US.
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• The year was 1961, and my husband, Glen, was lucky enough to be chosen to be a student “star” for an entire week, on the local television show, The Romper Room. Televised on WHO-TV in Des Moines, Iowa, this show was franchised, so local affiliates could produce and cast their own versions. Miss Nancy was the host in Des Moines and local children, who wanted to appear, were on waiting lists for years.

• The format of the show was like school, which began every day with the Pledge of Allegiance and continued with lessons, songs, manners, and moral lessons (Do Bee and Don’t Bee). The set actually represented a school room, which included a large picture of a make-believe land with roads and castles and images that fascinated him. At the end of the week, each child received an 8 x 10 glossy photograph to commemorate their visit to the show. My husband always felt lucky, as he was seated below the make-believe..

• I’m 60 now and have a Jaro Hess “The Land of Make Believe” that my grandfather left to me when he passed. I remember being 6 or 7 yr old and going to spend the weekend at their house, first time away from my parents overnight, scared in a strange house at night. On the wall beside my bed I would lie there and travel around that map for hours at times and seems like every time I would look at it I would find something new I had never seen before. His father taught Sunday school in his later years and it was in his office there at the church. When he left he gave it to my grandfather and it stayed there till my grandmother developed Alzheimer’s and he sold the home and everything there to be with her near the hospital. He gave his children and my mother, a few things and some cash. They wanted “The Land of Make Believe” because they grew up with it but he wanted me to have it and I still do.

Fine art reproductions and fine art photography, as well as works by additional artists.

Photography by Allan Rosen-Ducat

Portraitist and Landscape  Allan Rosen-Ducat during the year spends time photographing Maine, Philadelphia and, Arizona.
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The Land of Make Believe Map

Rosen-Ducat Imaging is entering into it’s eighteenth year of providing reproduction of, “The Land of Make Believe Map.”

Cartoon Character Mashuga Moose®

Rosen-Ducat is also an illustrator.  He has illustration relating to, the environment, Mashuga Moose® and ADHD.