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Mashuga Moose Is here, actually, he’s at www.mashugamoose.com

If you haven’t heard of Mashuga Moose, click on the image above and be prepared for silly. I would also like to thank the “Trash Super Hero – The Trash Man and his alter ego, B. Chute’s for the use of their company logo and banner advertisement in the image above. “The TrashMan Super Hero” will get your trash done, Trash Pickup, with compassion and humor. If you live in “The Lakes Region of Southern Maine and you have trash, TRASHMAN is the call you should make. TrashMan, when you need a trash superhero.

the land of make believe map

The Land of Make Believe Map

Available for purchase prints of “The Land of Make Believe Map” remastered.
Gift a Map to Imagination Today.

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Bob’s Lobster House, 7th & Ocean,
1/2 off all Cod amd Clam Chowder.

Mashuga Moose®

Title: In the Time of the Dented-Pan & The Strange Quite

Mashuga becomes the first moose in the world to realize that his world would never be the same.


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Offering Products for Decor, astetics and happiness.


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Yes, you to can have a "Moose a Week."  If you're are wondering what a moose a week is, you are not alone; there are a lot of moose who are pondering the same question. Allan Rosen-Ducat©2020

Mashuga Moose® Is working on a Book.

Mashuga Moose® Is working on a Book.

A young North American Moose of above-average moose intelligence was suspicious that something was not quite right in the Maine woods. The Moose set out on a mission to find answers to questions that were making him very nervous. The title of the book is, "In The Time...



No, your not "Hallucinating" it just a book of Moosinations. An Illustrated Book by Allan Rosen-Ducat. "Moosinations no your not Hallocinating by Allan Rosen-Ducat©2020"


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