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Customer's tales about growing up with, "The Land of Make Believe Map".

Born in Scotland, to Scottish parents at the beginning of WW2 we moved back to Essex, England after the war to our house where, as far as I know the picture was hanging all the time I was growing up. With little money my mother had a good eye for bargains at auction sales. When they retired in the 60s they returned to Scotland, with the picture, where it remained until they died and is now with my nephew in Norfolk, England. He kindly had it reproduced but when we looked out our copy which was in a tube in the roof it had completely lost its color. Fortunately looking on the internet I came across your website and I look forward to seeing it again when we visit our daughter and grandchildren.

Thank you.

Anne Smith

When a Map is more then a Map?


     The Land of Make Believe Map is a fairy tale illustration created by artist Jaro Hess.  Hess created the make-believe map in the early 1920s, incorporating into it 50 known fairy tale stories and bedtime characters. Since then, the nursery decor staple has been released in a handful of printed editions. It continues to enchant children and adults alike and is commonly used as kid-friendly bedroom decor.     The map has an interesting history, which begins in the Great Depression. While living in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Hess used The Land of Make Believe Map to pay off outstanding debts he owed. After leaving Hess's possession, The Land of Make Believe Map went on to change ownership at least five times – eventually making its way into my digital imaging studio several decades later.  READ MORE

Land of Make Believe Map Galleries

50 plus Fairy Tale Characters

The Land of make Believe Map
A map of all your favorite fairy tales and bedtime stories

The Land of Make Believe Map

An illustration for children of all ages.

Follow the path through the Land of Make Believe Map.  Visit with Cinderella, or stop and say high to Jack and Jill.  If you have a bit more time join Jack on hid climb to the giants Castle the sky. 

Rosen-Ducat Imaiging offers reproductions of this precious illustration in a number of different types.


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Hess's History

Jaro Hess was perhaps the most original artist of fantasy working in Grand Rapids from the 1930s through the 1960's. His art was a rarity,
created solely out of this imagination.
Unlike the derivative paintings of Orville Bulman, with their obvious debt to Henri Rousseau, Hess's art as a unique product of his imagination, seemingly influenced by other sources.


The original illustration has been lost to the past. Most reproduction executed prior to my licensing and eventual ownership of the image where simple offset print reproductions, basic posters on inexpensive paper.

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Artist Jaro Hess

Jaro Hess (1889-1977)
Jaro Hess was perhaps the most original artist of fantasy working in Grand Rapids from the 1930s through the 1960’s. His art was a rarity, created solely out of this imagination.

Hess savored the differences

They were the product of an idiosyncratic and eccentricity, “according to Hess. People come to see the painting, “the artist said, “and they ask how I got such an imagination to do them. I just tell them that I studied mathematics in school and it teaches you to think abstract thoughts. They are different,” Hess savored the differences – the absurdity.