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Four thousand hours of pixel by pixel repair.

Twenty five years ago, the inks and papers we used in digital reproduction of art work were not that great. In fairness, our trade was in a major paradigm shift from analog and wet process, to digital and digital direct processes. I was blessed at being a member of the first generation of photographers to ride the digital wave.

Wave, well not just one, new waves came two or four times a year. The first digital printers utilized to print artist work where originally designed for printing press proofs. The paper and ink sets used in creating the press proof print had to correlate and closely match the paper and inks being used on the print press. When artist started to print digital work to paper, our inks were unstable and most printing ...

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The Yellow Fairy Book,
by Andrew Lang,

[1889], at

@: For You, for you,The Yellow Fairy Book, 
by Andrew Lang,[1889], at sacred-texts.comp. 114THE GLASS MOUNTAIN 1Once upon a time there was a Glass Mountain at the top of which stood a castle made of pure gold, and in front of the castle there grew an apple-tree on which there were golden apples. Anyone who picked an apple gained admittance into the golden castle, and there in a silver room sat an enchanted
Princess of surpassing fairness and beauty. She was as rich too as she was beautiful, for the cellars of the castle were full of precious stones, and great
chests of the finest gold stood round the walls of all the rooms.Many knights had come from afar to try their luck, but it was in vain they attempted to...

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Artist Jaro Hess

Jaro Hess (1889-1977)
Jaro Hess was perhaps the most original artist of fantasy working in Grand Rapids from the 1930s through the 1960’s. His art was a rarity, created solely out of this imagination.

Hess savored the differences

They were the product of an idiosyncratic and eccentricity, “according to Hess. People come to see the painting, “the artist said, “and they ask how I got such an imagination to do them. I just tell them that I studied mathematics in school and it teaches you to think abstract thoughts. They are different,” Hess savored the differences – the absurdity.