“The Land of Make Believe Map”
A compilation of fairy tales.

Ignite your Child’s Imagination

“The Land of Make Believe Map”, has brought happiness and
comfort to children and adults forover a hundred years.

Enhance your child’s imagination through spacial geographical representations of some of  western civilizations most famous fairy tales.  The Land of Make Believe Map will  enhance your child’s reading experience by allowing them to visualize the place where their favorite characters live.  My children would choose the stories they wanted to read for bedtime by selecting characters from the map.  Combining a Land of Make Believe Map with reading time is an excellent way to broaden children’s spacial and geographical imagination.  It’s a great way to engage and expand your child’s imagination and love of reading.The Land of Make Believe Map by artist Jaro Hess © Rosen-Ducat 2014 a fairy tale compilation. Over fifty fairy tales are represented in this work of art, “The Land of Make Believe Map”, an Illustration of western civilization most loved fairy tales.[/caption]  

The Land of Make Believe Map is a wonderful compilation of more then fifty classic fairy tales.
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Expand Your Child’s Imagination

The Land of Make Believe Map


Artist Jaro Hess

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