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Photographer, Artist Allan Rosen-Ducat

The issues of sustainability and the mitigation of human impact on our earth are two areas of topical investigation growing in prevalence in Allan’s work. In his creative work Allan attempts to create imagery that is unique as a visual record as well as having an inherent idea of the observer as the image maker, "I was there. my vision, proof of being. "Rosen-Ducat's work is intuitively composed, although he does mention being influenced by the Federal Government Western Survey Photographers of the 1870s.
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Helping others to smile through creative imagery.

Portraiture, Landscape Photography and Illustrations
Landscape Illustration

Allan Rosen-Ducat

Photographer / Illustrator / Artist

Rosen-Ducat Imaging

Flora and Fauna of of the US.

"The Land of Make Believe Map" by Jaro Hess

A compilation of over fifty fairy tale carachters.