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I want to introduce you to “The Land of Make Believe Map” remastered. The map, damaged by close to one hundred years of reproduction, needed remastering; the details of the artwork lost to contrast increases in the images dot pattern. My work began almost twenty years ago, culminating in the release of my remastered version of the map. My work had been under restoration license, focused on availing an updated and enhanced version for the coming decades. I am again offering the work of art and others printed for decor or gifts for children and adults.

The Land of Make Believe Map

The Land of Make Believe Map- Remastered by Allan Rosen-Ducat©2020

50+ Fairy and folk tale stories and characters illustrated in a map setting with Castles, Ships, Mermaids, Hansel and Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella and many more.

Available as Decor for wall hanging, for play as a wall or floor stickup, decorative bedding and other product that will you to support the development of your childs imagination.