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A young North American Moose of above-average moose intelligence was suspicious that something was not quite right in the Maine woods. The Moose set out on a mission to find answers to questions that were making him very nervous.
The title of the book is, “In The Time of The Dented-Pan & The Strange Quite.” Narration is by the Big Moose himself Mashuga Moose®.

The book is packed with beautiful illustrations of Mashuga, and his moose buddies. My goal was to create a children’s book series that would help kids through the COVID-19 pandemic. There are plenty of “sweet n’ funny tidbits” for an adult chuckle.

Mashuga and I speak quite often; he used to feel wrong about being different, it took a while, but with work, he doesn’t apologize anymore. He’s really silly, he can’t help himself, I think Mashuga is correct, he likes it when people laugh.

Mashuga and I are both very empathetic and duty-bound with compassion. If there is a moose that needs help, Mashuga is there. I think I’m off on a tangent; our project will lift your soul while presenting real-world events that children can interpret. Stay tuned; we’re going into production.

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He started out as a cookie now he’s a moose.

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