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Examples of finishing alternatives.

Rosen-Ducat Imaging provides photographic services for consumer, business, and advertising. We are 100% customer-centric, providing creative services that excel. Home of the legendary Fairy-tale illustration by artist Jaro Hess, “The Land of Make Believe Map.” The map was created in the 1920s and was battered by the artist around the same period to release the artist of a financial obligation. The image change ownership multiple time, eventual I was able to obtain the work of art and continue to make it available.

The Vermillian Cliffs from Lee's Ferry

The Vermillian Cliffs

The image in the background is the Vermillion Cliffs

Landscapes of Southern Utah

Along The Arizona – Utah border

Northern Arizona geographically forms the southern boundaries of the Great Basin, also known as the Colorado Plateau. On the northern city limits of Page Arizona are the Clen Canyon Dam and the body of water it contains, Lake Powell. Just to the west of Page, AZ, you’ll find the spectacular Antelope Slot Canyon and Horse Shoe Bend. To the north and west of page lies the Escalante Steps National Park as well as Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park.

When I visit these regions, I attempt to capture the landscape in a majestic yet simplistic form.

Unseen routes and boundaries.

Since the advent of GPS millions of objects has been located and inventoried by their, [Long and Lat.].  Locked in place by coordinates, we have transport routes in the sky and on the ground, known points to which we can go and return to where our travels began.

Images of America’s South West

The “Teddy Bear Cholla” earns its name from the way the plant’s spines glow in the Arizona midday sun.  Also called, “Jumping Cholla,” it derives this name due to the extreme sharpness of the cactus’s spines; the plant is designed to break off in segments that have become attached to wildlife or domestic animals,  a simple brush against the spine-covered sections will guarantee acute pain.

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The Tale of Constant Motion


“It is life, I think, to watch the water. A man can learn so many things.”
― Nicholas Sparks


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